Some static and dynamical aspects of quantum black holes
Nava Gaddam
Fri, Oct. 07th 2016, 14:15-15:15
Salle Claude Itzykson, Bât. 774, Orme des Merisiers

In this talk, I will address (three seemingly unrelated) aspects of quantum black hole physics. The static aspects concern supersymmetric black hole entropy. I will present a modest approach that may shed light on the exact states contributing to single and multi-center black hole entropy; this approach, inspired by the work of Denef-Moore and Manschot-Pioline-Sen, reproduces all the polar states of the corresponding elliptic genera of the microscopic CFTs. I will argue that this is a good starting point to push into the non-polar sector. The dynamical aspects concern the nature of the horizon of non-extremal black holes. Picking up on 't Hooft's ideas on the Black Hole S-Matrix, I will show that the horizon of the Schwarzschild black hole behaves like an inverted harmonic oscillator in quantum mechanics. Time permitting, I will present (soon-to-appear) results on how one may consistently couple large-N CFTs, a gravitational interpretation of the coupled theory and what field theoretic and gravitational lessons we may learn from these.

Contact : Iosif BENA


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