Welcoming visitors

Your arrival at IPhT

Upon your arrival, please get in touch with your scientific host and Laure Sauboy,  in charge of visitors (room 23 phone 2-7565) fort short term visit, or Catherine Cataldi (room 19 phone 2-8119).

You need a security badge for the duration of your stay at IPhT. They are not delivered at Orme des Merisiers: your host must take you to the main entrance of CEA-Saclay (North Gate, building 604).

For a long-term visit (more than 1 week) you need a restaurant card, delivered in the main CEA centre, building 464, room 11E, phone 2-76.12.  For short-term visits (few days) you can use a visitor restaurant card: ask Laure Sauboy.

In order to have a computer connection, contact  Loïc Bervas, room 21, phone 2-7367.
Please note the very good helpdesk for foreign researchers and their families, called  Sciences Accueil


 Your departure from IPhT

When leaving the Institute, please return the key of your office, your badge, the restaurant card and the mobi-pass to Catherine Cataldi or Laure Sauboy.

You must ensure the future of your local computer account, if any (mails, date, ...).

Our advices:

- Set up a "forward" on your email account at CEA, if you have one.

- Back up your data, and give a copy to your collaborator here.

- Ask for the closure of your computer account, at a specified date choosen by you (at most one year after your departure). Le closure of your account is done on line by the computer account manager.

#246 - Last update : 04/09 2019


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