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The String-Theory Group at the IPhT uses string theory to study gravity at its extremes:  black holes and cosmology. This research is also deeply linked with a wide-ranging research program in holographic field theory.  While string theory is expected to become manifest at such extreme “boundaries” of our universe, the string-theory group is also developing new methods, like generalized geometry and topological techniques, to explore how low-energy physics and small, positive cosmological constants can emerge from a description of the universe based in string theory.

Much of this research has a healthy symbiosis with other activities at the IPhT. In particular, conformal field theory, integrable systems, large-N matrix models, QCD amplitudes, gravitational waves, cosmology, and particle physics beyond Standard Model provide an invaluable background that informs and inspires the research into string theory.


The group is part of the string theory in greater Paris community.




Iosif Bena web publications
Antoine Bourget web publications
Mariana Graña web publications
Monica Guica   publications
Ruben Minasian   publications
Eric Perlmutter    publications
Pierre Vanhove web publications
Nick Warner   publications


We maintain regular contacts with other members of the Mathematical Physics group (François David, Bertrand Eynard, Ivan Kostov, Dalimil Mazac, Sylvain Ribault, Didina Serban), with the scattering amplitudes group (Gregory Korchemsky, David Kosower, Matthiew von Hippel) and with the Physics Beyond the Standard Model Group.



Soumangsu Chakraborty   publications      
Bin Guo   publications      
Johan Henriksson   publications      
Nicolas Kovensky   publications      
Valentin Reys   publications      
Yiannis Tsiares   publications      
Jakub Vosmera   publications      


PhD Students


Veronica Collazuol   publications        
Gabriele Di Ubaldo   publications        
Silvia Georgescu   publications        
Michael Milam   publications        
DImitrios Toulikas   publications        






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The string theory seminars take place in the Salle Claude Itzykson Bât 774 Orme des Merisiers on Wednesdays at 14:15

Program of the upcoming seminars

We are also involved in the organization of the

String seminars of the string theory in greater Paris community held at Institut Henri Poincare in Paris


as well as other seminar series



Some conferences organised by the members of the IPhT in String Theory and related topics

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Job Opportunities

Postdoctoral positions are available each year in the Fall. Check this page or contact any staff member of the group.



Each member of the group can be contacted via email at

The full postal adress of IPhT is: Institut de Physique Théorique,  CEA/Saclay, Bat 774 Orme des Merisiers, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France.  

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